A bit about Sarah. Sarah Meloy has under her belt 14 consistent years of experience in the nail industry. She have seen the industry grow and change dramatically, and the attitude towards the change. For instance, present clients love to acquire the latest in Nail Fashion of the top quality value for their money.  Below is a testimonial from Sarah herself:

Since the opening of the doors of Salon Chique in October 2008, I discover my passion for teaching. I trained all my apprentices in the salon, and wanted more! I wanted to teach beyond the doors of my own salon and offer teaching to everyone in the region. After searching for a product that I knew would not let down my reputation, I stumbled over Young Nails. Their products and dedication to continuous improvement in product quality blew me away. It didn't take long for my whole salon to be converted to this Young Nails' products. Having Young Nails' training, and also training with Greg Salo himself my passion has not only grown but I fell in love with my career in the nail industry and enjoy passing on my knowledge and experiences onto other existing nail technicians and students, who are just starting their career journey in the nail industry.

Sarah is a certified Young Nails Mentor covering South, North and East Yorkshire.She runs a variety of Nail Courses to suit all skill levels from complete beginners to the Advanced
Nail Technicians. Please check out our courses on our new Training and Course page!

Why Choose Salon Chique Training Academy?

One of the most important reason in choosing Young Nails Certified Courses via Salon Chique Training Academy is that we are a highly reputable and skilled training provider that has vast experience in nail care and nail techniques, coupled with Young Nails excellent nail products and kits. You will also find that our company is focused in building a culture of a professional training environment where you can comfortable learn and acquire your skills and certification to be a licensed professional nail technician.

We placed proper emphasis on nail education for both who are just starting out in the industry

or experienced nail technicians. We teach our students that it is crucial to offer the best possible service and products to clients. The nail industry is constantly evolving and at Salon Chique Training Academy, we aim to keep you up to date with the very latest trends and techniques.

As experienced working technicians, salon managers, and nail technician educators, we are always customer led, offering invaluable knowledge and expertise. We will also help you with your business plans, assist with various forms of self-marketing and give you the very best on-going technical supports.

It is vital for you to invest your money in a course that is going to provide you with a recognized qualification as a Professional Nail Technician or Beauty Therapist. All of our courses at Salon Chique Nail Training Academy, located in the heart of Doncaster, are fully recognized by the Association of Beauty Therapists, ABT. It means on successful completion of all our courses you will gain Full Nail Technician Certification, Beauty Therapist Certification or even insurance coverage for your Salon which is an absolutely paramount as an independent Professional Nail Technician!

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions in regards to the courses we offered.

You find us on www.facebook.com/SalonChiqueTrainingAcademy



After researching nail training in Doncaster I came across Salon Chique in Woodlands. There the mangeress uses Young Nails to teach sculpted nails, reverse application, the pinching technique and e filing techniques. I found the revolutionary new methods were easy to pick up, especially due to the trainer Sarah being a patient, informative and well experienced nail tech. I would recommend these courses to anybody entering into the industry and even to update your skills.  
Nathan Lewis

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