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Synergy Gel

Introducing the YN Synergy Gel Precision Applicator, our latest need-it-now sculpting gel product for when control and convenience matter. Nail Artists (beginner or experienced) will love the mess-free, easy to use, and time-saving one of a kind gel tube applicator.#youngnailsuk  #youngnailsinc  #coverpink #halloweennails  #lookdonttouch #nailsofinstagram #nailsofdoncaster

Gel Polish Removal and Reapplication

Gel polish removal and reapplication using the YN Efile vs Soaking is what you are going to see in REAL TIME, as we do a picture in picture view so you can actually see the difference.

Pre Order the New YN Efile this weekend April 27th - 29th 2019 at a one time special price.

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Go Time Colours

So excited let the secret out!!!! I can't wait to introduce to you 20 new Go Time colours! Now launched in the UK and available as of tomorrow at Salon Chique. No Base no top needed! The pigmentation of this gel is off the grid!
Straight Shot Stamper

Stamp with confidence and precision with our Caption Art Screens Straight Shot Stamper. White translucent barrel lets light in for great visibility. Clear silicon stamp pad allows precise pattern placement. Removable silicon stamp pad allows for easy maintenance.



Chrome Obssession - Chrome Mirror Kit


Watch as we introduce Caption Flash Forward and the Flash Forward Art Screens for the Holidays.
Synergy Building Gels

Notice that Clear Sculptor is sitting on it's side. I could leave it there all day and it wouldn't move. Build and Flex are filler gels that are self leveling. They are awesome for overlays, mixing, sculpting and creating any style of nail. The top row are young nails signature sculpting gels. Absolutely Pink is amazing for French sculpting and overlays. Concealer Pink and Peach are incredible nude sculpting gels that have very slight movement. They will help you sculpt with speed and eliminate chances of bubbles. The consistency will allow you to create flawless smile lines. For more information on professional nail training courses please contact Salon Chique Young Nail Trainning Academy in Doncaster, South Yorkshire.


What are pinchers? Why do you pinch? Are questions asked a lot! The reason why we use pinchers is for the C-Curve, this gives the nail structure, shape and strength. This amazing tool also has a spoon like end to push cuticles back and a scraper to remove protein buildup. When used correctly, this can be a nail technicians best friend!  For more information on professional nail training courses please contact Salon Chique Young Nail Trainning Academy in Doncaster, South Yorkshire.

Super offers. Contact head office to order on 01253699999 

When you enrol with on the courses offered at Salon Chique Academy, the centre for Young Nails Training, you are eligible to order the kits below from us :

E File Training available at Salon Chique, Nail Training courses, Doncaster.

Are you a current Nail Technician who would like to do nails in a shorter time? Are you suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome or wanting to prevent this happening? Are your clients nails being damaged by Acetone?

The E-File doesn't just help with speed, Young Nail specially designed the E-File Safety Bit which is quicker and safer than using Acetone.


Designed for those natural nail clients looking for tremendous shine, colour, chip resistant, perfect finish and protection that will last for weeks! ManiQ - Gel Colour -  will help weak and thin nails, giving your clients fabulous nails without the maintenance.

Get started with the amazing ManiQ Gel colour system

This kit contains 1 x 15ml ManiQ Base, 1 x 15ml ManiQ Top, 1 x 15ml Gel Colour (ManiQ Red 104 or ManiQ Pink 103) Protein Bond, 8oz Swipe, 8oz ManiQ Cleanse, Nail Wipes .



Enough Products to sample out the Young Nails Synergy Gel system and produce around

7 sets of nails. 7gm Base / Build / White Sculpture / Concealer Pink Gels 7ml Finish, 7ml Protein Bond.

A great introduction to Young Nails Check out Greg Salo - Glimmer Girl Design using Young Nails Synergy Gel video.


This kit is packed with all the synergy gel products necessary to create up to 50 sets of nails

1 x 15gm Base / Flex / Build / Build Pink / Snow / French and Finish Gels, 50 x Cure All Nail Forms, 100 x Artistic Nail Forms, Protein Bond Primer, Rose Cuticle Oil, Assorted Files and Buffers, Manicure Brush, Swipe, Brush On Nail Glue, Assorted sizes Natural, Clear and French White Tips and YN Master Gel Brush.


Twinkle Toes Kit includes:
15ml ManiQ Base Gel, 15ml ManiQ Top Gel, 7ml Protein Bond, Manicure Brush, 8oz Swipe, 8oz Cleanse, 1/4oz Rose Oil, 4 Glitters, Nail Wipes, 180 Combo File and Buffer

Twinkle Toes is created by using a clear gel and glitter

Rockstar is created using Young Nails ManiQ coloured brush on gel, pressing glitter into the gel after its second cure and finishing off with the ManiQ Top Delux Tip and Overlay / Sculpting Kit.....


Great starter kit contains everything you need to complete up to 40 sets of nail

6oz Liquid / 45gm XXX Pink / 45g Speed White /45g cover pink/ 8oz Swipe and Dispenser / 1/4oz Rose Oil / Top Coat / Dappen Dish / Orange Stick / 250ct Easy / Zebra File 150/150gt / White File 100/100gt x 2 / Etching Squares / Spinge Buffer / Oval 8 Acrylic Brush / Manicure Brush / Protein Bond / 20ct Nail Wipes / 500 sculpting forms/ 1 x 15ml ManiQ Base, 1 x 15ml ManiQ Top, 1 x 15ml Gel Colour (ManiQ Red 104 or ManiQ Pink 103)/ 8oz ManiQ Cleanse.

The perfect kit for your total beginner course

Caption Nail Polish - Lucents Collection

Caption Stamping Plates

Interesting in Caption Stamping Plates courses, contact Chique Nail Courses Doncaster today.

Young Nails CEO Greg Salo shows how the Caption Stamping Plate works using a spongey stamp. The plates are deep, and it can be used with Young Nails Caption polish or Young Nails pigments. Be sure not to clean the stamp with acetone. Use a lint roller or the sticky part of a nail form to pull product off of the stamp. The Caption Stamping Plates, on the other hand, can be cleaned with acetone.

Greg Salo's Pro E-File Tips
Time is money – so using an e-file in the nail business can often be a profitable choice, plus save you from the tiring labor of hand-filing all day long. However, like most things – proper form is key! Watch as expert Greg Salo of Young Nails demonstrates how to use an e-file to create stellar nails.


After researching nail training in Doncaster I came across Salon Chique in Woodlands. There the mangeress uses Young Nails to teach sculpted nails, reverse application, the pinching technique and e filing techniques. I found the revolutionary new methods were easy to pick up, especially due to the trainer Sarah being a patient, informative and well experienced nail tech. I would recommend these courses to anybody entering into the industry and even to update your skills.  
Nathan Lewis